Conditions of web hosting service (hosting).

YNS Company through its official website (, offers available space on the hard drive owned and / or leased exclusively for its own servers use. Customers can rent (lease) and use the space offered by YNS Company for their own purposes.

The Parties agreed and accepted the following:

The Customer certifies that any material will be “pushed” into the server will be ready and will not need any additional processing by YNS Company to operate. The charges for hosting the Servers of YNS Company are being made basis pricelist, for which YNS Company reserves the right of adjustment.

YNS Company informs customers how they can gain administration access to the Control Panel (Cpanel), in order to publish on the Internet-page files and install e-mail accounts. Moreover, customers may use the services of the company for the construction, maintenance, management, renovation and advertising website in the space has been allocated, chargeable with the appropriate additional cost, which is charged separately. If the customer does not assign other additional programming work on the server provided by  YNS Company,  agrees that it has the necessary knowledge and that is not responsibility of YNS Company impart this knowledge, in any other case customer may ask YNS Company to provide relevant support depending on the case in the additional cost.

YNS Company holds the right to proceed with immediate cancellation of hosting if unorthodox use mass email (spam mail) may occur. Moreover, the use of ten percent (10%) or more of system resources provided in any webhosting plan is unacceptable. If the use of a Customer’s account is more than ten percent (10%) of the funds, the account may be terminated automatically and without prior notice.

YNS Company neither exercises control over the content of the information passing through the network nor it guarantees the commercial reliability of any data presented in the network or to fulfill any specific promises by others and is not responsible for any damages may occur to the client or to those who deal with him, including loss of data, due to delays, non-delivery of goods or service interruption for any reason or error or omission. The use of any information provided through the internet is under the responsibility of the user, while YNS has no responsibility-obligation for the accuracy or quality of any information.

For the smooth conduct of providing web hosting services, the content of published pages should not be contrary to the law and morality. The owner of the respective website is subject to law for its content. Any use contrary to the above, except the attachment of criminal or civil penalties, interrupts the subscription without notice and without being entitled to a refund of fees already paid.

The interruption of web hosting, by the user, is made by written notice to YNS Company without the right to return of already paid fees.

Personal data that indicates the user / client to YNS Company used exclusively by the company, the National Telecommunications and Post Commission and the ICS, the Eurid and other registers (Registries) as the suffix of the domain that will vest.

YNS Company not sells or rent the personal data of its customers.

YNS Company will send personal information to other companies or people when:

  1. Delay the settlement of the financial backlog.
  2. If for any reason the web site causing malfunction of the servers against smooth operation of the other web sites.
  3. The customer violates the obligations referred to above.

Financial Terms

The customer has the possibility to make online ordering hosting package wishes through the site of YNS Company selecting one of the standard packages offered by the company and which are available on the price list. The customer must settle the outstanding economic order within 7 calendar days from the date of order. Upon expiry of this period the hosting completely deleted from the company’s server without further notice.

For the renewal of an existing and active web hosting service, the customer must pay the relative cost to the expiration date of the subscription. After that date and if not otherwise informed by the customer, the hosting goes into sleep mode (suspend) without warning. In this situation, the position of the existing site displays the page -YNS Suspended Account- without any modification done to the files and / or emails present in hosting. Following this action, and if the customer does not come in contact with the company to reactivate within 10 calendar days of service of the closing date of the service, the hosting completely deleted from the server of the company. The two above mentioned measures are implemented automatically by company’s system without additional notice for deactivation and deletion.

The respective documents are issued upon payment of the service cost and sent from YNS Company to the customer by e-mail communication or by post upon request.

YNS Company informs of any pending financial issues relating to hosting for either new subscription activation or existing expired end and for its settlement. The update is performed by means of automatic e-mails sent daily to the certified e-mail management, which is registered in the user account exists in the system and for which the pending economic issues are detected.
YNS reserves the right at any time to change its pricing policy and amend the prices of the price list.

Acceptance of Terms of Use Services

Reading this text is required before use of the company’s services. The order making for some of the services provided by YNS Company means understanding and acceptance of the above mentioned conditions of use web hosting service. If a client does not agree with these terms please do not proceed to use the services provided by YNS Company.

YNS Company has no responsibility in case of possible future dispute between the client and the terms of use.